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If you want to raise money for your group you have come to the right place! MyEvent is a great way to accept donations for PTO, PTA, sports teams, cheerleading squads, marching bands, cub scouts, girls and boys clubs, booster clubs, school teams, animal shelter, organizations, charities, community causes, and any cause. Set up a free group fundraising web page in under a minute and start accepting donations online right away. If you are planning a fundraising event you can also sell tickets from the same free fundraising website. MyEvent has been offering donation websites since 2002 and we are the online fundraising experts.

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Player(s) raising money for their schools team

Does your schools volleyball, football, cheerleading, marching band, soccer or basketball team need new uniforms or equipment? Are you a player/member of a team that needs to raise money to cover travel expenses to attend a tournament? Fundraising online is the easiest way to raise money for your schools team. has a template for every sport which can be used as the design for your fundraising webpage which you can easily share with friends and family to ask for support. Using your free webpage, money can be raised online by receiving general donations, pledges, selling goods where the proceeds go to your team, and you can promote a fundraising event being held to support your team. With your site, you can even sell tickets online to a fundraising event you are having.

Donation webpage for league sports team

Many children are never given the opportunity to play in a league sports team because it is just too expensive. Fundraising online, using a donation webpage, is the easiest way to raise money to provide scholarships for those who cannot afford to play, as well as help pay for uniforms and tournament fees. Your league donation webpage will allow you to collect donations online as well as update supporters about the team's success. By posting a link to leagues primary website on your webpage, viewers can follow the team and view player statistics.

School club or sports team donation page makes it so fast and easy to raise money for your schools club or sports team. A simple webpage can be set up in minutes just for the purpose of collecting donations online to support your club/team. A template design relating to the particular club or teams sport can be used. You can simply post your club/ team name, logo or a picture of your club/ team, with a short welcome message or message asking for support. The donation webpage link can easily be shared by email or posting a link on your schools website, and on the personal social media sites of club/team members.

Collect donations for your fundraising drive

Whether it be a donation, find a match, food, clothes, toys or school supplies, a drive is a great type of fundraising event to hold on behalf an organization or charity. A fundraising webpage can be set up to build awareness about the drive as well as inform contributors about drop off locations. Aside from just collecting items, donations to support the cause can also be collected online directly from the same fundraising webpage. You can even have a dollar drive whereby supporters are asked to contribute only $1. This can easily and quickly be done with a webpage that accepts donations online. Your webpage can also be used to inform supporters about the cause, as well as where the donated items are going, and how much their support will help.

Donation webpage for a fundraising event

If you are organizing a fundraiser that already has a website for the event, you can use still use for your fundraising needs. You can create a free webpage with built-in fundraising tools in order to collect donations online for your particular charity or organization. You can post a link to your donation webpage on the main event website for viewers to click on to contribute and support your fundraiser.

Registration and/or selling tickets webpage for a fundraising event

If you are an event organizer that already has as event website, then you can use still use for all of your fundraising needs. You can create a free site with built-in fundraising and ecommerce tools where guests can register (free or paid), purchase tickets and items for the event, and donate, all online from the same free site. Different registration and ticket options can be offered on your webpage, such as different prices according to age or number of guests/participants. You can post a link to your webpage on your main event website for viewers to click on to support your fundraiser.

General donation page for "a-thon" fundraising event

Make raising money for your walk, run, bike, bowl or any other "a-thon" event simple and easy using a free webpage to collect donations online. Your donation webpage can feature details of the event and information about the cause being supported. It can also display the names, contributions and messages of encouragement from donors, as well as a graphic thermometer to demonstrate how close you are to achieving your fundraising goal. In order to promote the fundraising event and raise more money, the donation webpage link can be easily shared by email and posted on social media sites. To raise even more funds, you should encourage participants to create their own free donation webpage, which would act as a personal fundraising page where they solicit their network of friends and family for donations for their participation in the "a-thon" fundraiser.

Team fundraising page

Participating in a fundraising event, such as walk-a-thon or bike-a-thon, with a group of close friends is a fun way to build camaraderie and provide support and raise funds for a loved one or for a particular cause or organization. The best way to raise a lot of money is to fundraise online, collectively as a team, with a free team fundraising webpage. A team fundraising page can be set up in minutes, and should list the names of its members, the team's goal, why they are fundraising, how to donate online, and who will benefit from the funds raised. The teams fundraising page can easily be shared with each teammates network of family, friends and colleagues by email. Using the social media tools, which are built into websites, the team has the ability to reach a lot of potential donors by simply posting the link of their team fundraising page on their personal social media pages. Social media is the most effective and efficient way raise a lot of funds and awareness.

Raise money to start / support a project

Are you looking for a simple way to get funding and raise awareness for your project? You can create a free webpage for your project to be used to share the goal of the project, ways to get involved, highlight who will be benefiting and explain how easy it is to donate online. With your fundraising webpage, viewers can learn information about your project and conveniently donate online, all from the same site. This will allow you to easily raise money to get your project up and running quickly and encourage others to participate and support your project.

Awareness / Campaign fundraiser

Stand up to find a cure, for a particular cause or for what you believe in. Regardless of the purpose or reason, a free webpage can help you promote and raise money for your campaign. You can share your beliefs with your network of friends, families and colleagues, and solicit them to donate online to support your cause. Your webpage can also be used to share details about any fundraising events you have to build awareness about your campaign. You can also offer sponsorship opportunities on your webpage, and provide sponsors with exposure on your campaign page in exchange for their contribution.

Raise money for animal shelter /charity

Awareness about animal cruelty and raising money to help animals that have been abandoned or abused can be done easily using a free fundraising site. Whether you are simply asking for donations for a pet charity or shelter, or holding a fundraising event such as a pet supply drive, can facilitate you with all of fundraising and e-commerce needs. From the same free fundraising site, you can accept donations and sell tickets to an event in order to raise money for your animal shelter / charity. Links to the particular shelter, charity or NGO holding the event or being supported can be featured on your webpage for viewers to click on to learn more information.

Donation webpage for an organization or charity

Charities and NGO's operate based on recruiting volunteers and raising money through donations and sponsorships. Most organizations and charities have their own website to share information about what they do and who they help, however these websites can lack the capability to collect payments and donations online. Every fundraising site comes with integrated e-commerce and fundraising tools, to make raising awareness and money online fast, simple and convenient. No merchant account is needed and there is no approval process therefore your charity or organization can begin raising money online in minutes. The best part is it is free! A link to the charity or organizations main website can be featured on the donations webpage.

Raise money to restore parks and community sports facilities (i.e. tennis courts, football field)

Help build and maintain friendships and keep your community active by raising money to rebuild or restore parks and community sports facilities in your neighborhood. You can easily create a free fundraising webpage and share it with members of your community. How much money is needed to cover the costs should be mentioned, as well as how easy it is to donate online. A fundraising event can be held to raise additional funds. Tickets to the fundraiser can be purchased online from the same free site.

Raise money to build a school

Everyone should have access to a proper education, and not have to travel hours to receive one. Raise money to build a school in your community using a free fundraising webpage to quickly and easily collect donations online. Your webpage can be up and running in minutes and incorporate a school design to relate to your cause. Raising money to build a particular type of school, such as school for children with special needs or a beauty school, can also be done easily with a fundraising webpage.

Raise money for your school or a department in your school

Having a back to school fundraiser a great way to raise money for school programs and to purchase new equipment and collect school supplies for students who cannot afford it. Using one the school related templates offered by, you can create a well designed and free fundraising site to collect donations online to support your school. Different ways to contribute can be featured on the webpage, including how to make a general donation and information about fundraising you may be having to support the school (for example, drop off location(s) for a school supplies drive)

Raise money to build/repair a religious institution in your community

Regardless of your faith, every community should have a place to practice religion. Easily raise money online to build a church or synagogue in your community using a fundraising webpage. Your fundraising page should include information about how much it will cost and how it will benefit the community.

Raise money for communities in impoverished areas

Whether you are fundraising alone or as part of an organization, you will be able to raise more money for a particular cause, such as building a school or kitchen in impoverished areas, by accepting donations online. With a donation webpage, you can post videos and photos to demonstrate how badly these communities need help and receive contributions online from those who want to support your cause. A link to your organizations main website can be featured on your fundraising page for supporters to learn more information about what the organization does.

Raise money for your school reunion (school, sorority, fraternity, sports team)

Reunions are always fun, however take a lot of time to plan and are often quite expensive. Venue, food, entertainment, decor, activities, ad book and prizes are just some of the costs that need to be considered when planning a reunion. In order to help finance your reunion, you can set up a free fundraising site and solicit your former classmates, teammates or sorority/fraternity members for donations in order to help make the reunion possible. Using a party or school related template, you can easily create a beautifully designed site which can be shared with your former classmates by email, on the reunion invites, the schools website and on social media. Your fundraising site can include images of your school, school logo, photos, videos feature information about the details of the reunion (time, date, location) and how to donate online. From the same fundraising site, you can have classmates or teammates or sorority/fraternity members register and purchase their reunion tickets online. Being able to donate and make payments online, quickly and conveniently with a credit card, makes it easier for everyone and will allow you to raise more money for your reunion.

Raise money for veterans

Whether holding a fundraising event or simply raising funds for an organization who assists veterans, fundraising online will allow you to raise more money to help support veterans and their families. With built-in e-commerce and fundraising tools, a fundraising website will allow supporters to easily contribute by making a donation, registering (paid or free) to take part in an event (such as a race or walk-a-thon) or purchasing their fundraising event ticket - all online. is the only company that accepts donations and payments from the same site for free!

Raise money for your school graduation / prom

A school graduation/prom is a rite of passage which every graduating student should get to experience. Planning and organizing your graduation/prom can be time consuming and expensive. In order to cover the costs, a free graduation/prom fundraising website can be created to raise funds online. In order to get support, graduating students should be encouraged to share the site with friends and family by email and on their personal social media sites. The fundraising website should include information about how the money raised will be used and how easy it is to donate online. Other fundraising events to raise money, such as bakes sales or talent shows, can be promoted on your graduation/prom fundraising site. You can even sell tickets to any fundraising event online, easily and conveniently from the same free fundraising site.

Sponsorship webpage

Regardless of the type of fundraising event you have, getting individuals and companies to sponsor the event is a great way to raise additional funds and save on costs. Using a, you can create a free fundraising webpage, with built-in fundraising and e-commerce tools. You can offer different sponsorship packages on your webpage, and allow sponsor to purchase these packages online directly from your site. You can thank sponsors and offer them exposure on your webpage and throughout your event in exchange for their contributions

Raise money for your booster, girls and boys or cub scout club

Easily raise funds online to be able to provide children with the resources they need whether it be education, supplies, equipment, food, uniforms, clothing, mentoring or leadership programs, etc. A website can be created specifically for your club to be able to share its mission, goals, activities, as well as promote fundraising event(s) being held to raise money for your club. In order to raise money easily, a free fundraising event webpage can be set up to share details of the fundraisers where supporters can donate and/or purchase tickets to the event online quickly and conveniently.

Raise money for animals / wildlife / species

Are you an animal enthusiast looking for ways to raise awareness and money to help save animals? A free fundraising webpage will allow you to fundraise online to help achieve your goal whether it be to travel abroad to observe your animal of study in their natural habitat or just raise funds and awareness about endangered species. Your webpage will allow you to share your animal passion with supporters who can contribute easily by making a donation online. You can also have a fundraising event to raise money and awareness, where guests can take part and/or purchase tickets online from the same free site.

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