How Can Crowdfunding Work For You?

Crowdfundraise for any kind of project or cause

Crowdfundraise with

You can use a myevent website to crowdfundraise for any kind of project or cause. Want to crowdfund a startup? finance a project? organize a sporting event? or even just raise funds to support a cause? Your MyEvent website can be used to share the goal of any crowdfunded project. It can also be used to share ways to get involved and provide users of your site with all the information they need to get involved.

Share it on Any Social Media

You can collect donations, sell tickets or even sell items to meet your crowdfunding goals. Donors can even share their donation on facebook, and they can also share your site on any social media to increase awareness of your project.

Collect Donations, Sell Tickets


Extend Your Reach

Features on your site will also allow you to obtain valuable feedback and information from your donors. This will allow you to easily raise money to get your project up and running and encourage others to participate and support your project or cause. This level of involvement is the key advantage of crowdfunding and it also makes it an exciting alternative to traditional offline fundraising techniques.

Fast & Easy

Fundraising websites on myevent are fully capable of everything you need to crowdfundraise. Try it for free today and you will see how easily you can turn your ideas into a professional-quality website capable of effectively crowdsourcing funds for any cause. View some examples

Fundraising websites on myevent

Increments for donations and collect information from donors

Reach Your Goals

With a myevent website you can set your crowdfundraising goals, set increments for donations and collect information from donors so that you can keep them involved. Donors and visitors to your site can subscribe to your newsletter or join a mailing list. You can also extend the reach of your crowdfundraising project by equipping your supporters with their own fully functional participant or team fundraising page so they can promote your project and collect donations. These are just a sample of our powerful features that will empower you achieve the goals of your crowdfunded project. For more information on our other features click here.

Real Life Examples

See examples of crowdfunding websites.

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