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What are the fees for ticket sales and donations?

We deduct 5.9% and $0.75 from every ticket purchase or donation. We also have payout fees. The payout fees are not per ticket or per donation, but rather per payout of the accumulated funds. We have three payout options: direct deposit, mailed checks and wire transfers. Direct deposits cost $2.50 per payout, mailed checks cost $3.50 per check and wire transfers cost $30 per payout. You can choose whichever payout method you prefer.

On donations, there is an option to have the donor pay the fees instead of having them deducted from the donation. Please note that this increases the fees slightly, since the transaction is for the higher amount (since the 5.9% and %0.75 are added rather than deducted), so we then have to pay fees on the fees, which are then charged to the donor who is choosing to pay these fees.

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