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Fundraising Features

All Features

  • Beautiful Designs

    Choose from a wide selection of designs created by our award winning graphic design team. There are dozens of styles in all colors.

    You can easily switch designs and change colors, even once you've input all of your information – your input will be automatically transferred to the new design. If you would like a Custom Website Design, simply call us and we will work with you to develop a unique option to meet your needs. Toll Free 1 (877) 769-3836

  • Photo Albums

    Photo albums make it easy and enjoyable to browse through photos. Create themed albums organized by event, location or special tributes.

    You can use an interactive Flash based slideshow in your Photo Album. Images are automatically resized to the ideal size for your webpage when uploaded.

  • Unlimited Photos

    You can include an unlimited number of photos on each page of your Fundraising Website.

    Images can then be grouped into conveniently themed albums.

  • Audio & Video

    Set an appropriate mood for your Fundraising Website by easily uploading MP3 songs and videos of your choice.

    You can upload up to 3 songs onto your website. Files must be in MP3 format, and your 3 songs can't exceed a total of 20MB in size. You can also upload videos from YouTube right onto your website! Just use the YouTube embed link.

  • Password Protect Site

    Keep you website private and invite guests to use it by distributing passwords.

    You may set password protection to only the pages you choose.

  • Easy Text Editor

    Change the font-size and color of your text make it bold, underlined and italicized. Place images on the left, right or above your text.

    Wrap text around an image to create a professional-looking layout. Includes Fool proof Spell Check! It's as easy to use as Microsoft Word.

  • Downloads

    Upload up to 50 MB of files for your visitors to download. This includes Word documents, PowerPoint presentations, music files and more.

    File formats for download include: doc, pdf, jpg, gif, bmp, ppt, xls, mp3, rm, avi, mpg. You can include these files on any page in your site. Premium subscribers can upload 200MB.

  • Hit Counter

    Keep track of how many people visit your Fundraising Website with the Hit Counter.

  • Unlimited Pages

    Add an unlimited number of pages to your Fundraising Website. Customize the pages with the title of your choice.

    You can easily turn any of your pages on/off. Additional page ideas are: Donors' Page, Recent Events, Gift Shop.

  • Countdown

    Count down the days remaining to your fundraising events or to a special milestone with this feature.

  • Poll & Quiz

    Discover the opinions of your Fundraising Website guests with the Interactive Poll and test your guests' knowledge with the Interactive Quiz. You create the questions and answers.

    Discover the opinions of your Fundraising Website guests with the Interactive Poll and test your guests' knowledge with the Interactive Quiz. You create the questions and answers.

Fundraising Features

  • Online Donations

    Promote your cause or charity on your website by activating your Online Donations page.

    Let people choose their own donation amount or set specific increment levels (ex: $25, $50, $75, $100). Each donation page features a thermometer that displays the goal amount.
    Pay no fees on Donations. Click here to learn more

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  • Fees Paid By Donor

    By default your donations page is set up to give the donor the choice to pay all the fees so that you keep 100% of the donation amount!
    Click here to learn more

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  • Sell Tickets Online

    Reduce the stress of collecting ticket payments by having guests purchase tickets to your fundraising event with a Credit Card on a secure page right on your website!

    Detailed reporting on all transactions is available in real time in the Control Panel. Funds received through your website are sent to you by Check, Wire Transfer or Direct Deposit.

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  • Leader Board

    You can display the top teams and individual fundraisers names and how much they raised on the Leader board page.

  • Participant Fundraising Pages

    Extend the reach of your fundraising campaigns by equipping your supporters with their own fully functional fundraising page.

    Each member of your Participant Fundraising Team will be able to promote your cause among their network and collect donations directly on their page.

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  • Online Raffle Tickets

    Sell raffle tickets online. Increase the reach of your raffle by offering online ticket sales instead of only offering raffle tickets at your event.

  • Tax Receipts

    Important for Canadian registered non-profits. Automatically issue tax receipts every time there is a donation made.

    You can also offer partial tax receipts for tickets to events.

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  • Sell Sponsorship Packages

    The Sponsors Page will save you time and money in administration costs. This feature will allow advertisers to purchase Ads and upload their artwork so it is available in your Control Panel.

    Once you have the artwork, you can use it to print your Ad Book, or create a Sponsors Page with one of the Extra Pages on your website.

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Custom Features

  • Custom Forms

    Build any type of form to collect information from your guests. Some commonly used forms are: Registration Forms, Reservation Forms, Menus, Surveys and Contests.

    All you have to do is create the questions and answer choices. The information you enter is included on the form which is automatically posted on your site.

  • Flash Intros

    Include professional Flash Intros to add action and life to your Fundraising Website.

    Flash introduces the visitor to your website. It helps to establish the tone and purpose of your website.

  • Custom Website Design

    Prefer a custom website to a template-based website? No problem. For a small fee of $149, our designers will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind Fundraising Website for you.

    Simply send us the image or design element you would like to use, and we will incorporate it into your website. Provide us with your header artwork and we will upload it for you for free.

  • Domain Name

    We provide you with your own domain name for your Fundraising Website

    This has a value of $25 per year and comes included in every package.

  • RSS Feeds

    RSS (or Really Simple Syndication) feeds are free content from websites that contain headlines, summaries and links back to full articles on the website that the feed originates from.

    RSS feeds can add interesting and fresh content to your website on a daily or weekly basis. It is very easy to include RSS feeds on your website using your control panel. You can get RSS feeds from your favorite sites, or use the MyEvent RSS Library

  • Custom Colors

    The website builder allows you to customize the fonts and colors of your design.

    This gives you a lot of freedom to create a very unique design and match your favorite colors. You can change the color of your site at any time, without losing your text and images.

  • Custom Page Titles

    Change the names of the pages on your website to your preference. Whatever title you choose will display as a Graphic Title on the page and in the navigation.

    This is great for cultural variances as well as multiple languages.

Communication Tools

  • Custom Forms

    Build any type of form to collect information from your guests. Some commonly used forms are: Registration Forms, Menus, Reservation Forms, Order Forms, Surveys and Contests.

    All you have to do is create the questions and answer choices. The information you enter is included on the form which is automatically posted on your site. The answers are available in your Control Panel and downloadable into Excel.

  • Guest Book

    The Guest Book is a wonderful way to get in touch before and after each of your fundraising events. When a website visitor makes a guest book entry, it becomes visible on the website after being approved by you.

    The Guest Book is a great tool for collecting messages from donors regarding the look and functionality of your website and comments on various events. Guests can also send messages to each other without exposing their email address.

  • FAQ

    Create your very own Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Generate a list of the questions that you are most frequently asked with answers to each.

    This convenience will save you and your guests the time of writing or phoning with common questions.

  • Who's coming

    Automatically display who has RSVP'd to various events. Guests can view the list on your website and see who will be attending.

  • Message Board

    Message Boards allow donors to communicate before and after an event. It is a great resource for planning and acts as a forum to collect ideas and ask for suggestions.

    Message Boards help to keep dialogue flowing between party guests and allows everyone to participate in the conversation!

  • Calendar

    A Calendar is a terrific way to enter all of your fundraising event dates, payment due dates and activities. The calendar comes with national holidays built in and it can display all the birthdays of those registered on your site.

    You can choose if you want an event to be viewed publicly on your website or privately in your Control Panel.

  • Blog

    Create and maintain an online journal with interactive responses from your guests. This is a great way to foster a creative dialogue with your guests.

    Blogging allows you to keep people updated on the progress of event planning or to highlight stories of interest concerning your guests. Uploading photos, providing links and allowing readers to respond are some creative suggestions.

  • Broadcast Email

    Update guests on event details or important information at any time.

    Send an event newsletter to update guests on details and upcoming deadlines.

Planning Tools

  • Send & Track Invitations

    Easily post and track invitations using the Broadcast Email tool. You can send Reminders before your event and Thank You Notes afterwards.

    You can easily add and delete guests from the Invitation List, so your list will always remain up-to-date.

  • Maps

    Add a map for any destination simply by entering the civic address. The map will show how to navigate to your event so you won't have to!

    You can include more than one map when you are hosting multiple events.

  • RSVP Management

    Guests can RSVP to the event directly on your website, saving time and postage. You can add questions to the RSVP page to prompt suggestions from your guests that can help with planning. This is a good place to include special requests, such as meal selections.

    You can view the RSVP information at all times in your Control Panel.

  • Budget Tool

    Manage your expenses & calculate the cost-per-ticket for your fundraising event. This is a great way to monitor all Budgeting elements.

    You can also flag the dates of when individual expenses need to be paid.

  • Weather

    Inform your party guests of real-time weather forecasts leading-up to your event.

  • Event Details

    This page saves you time by clearly displaying all the information relevant to your fundraising events.

    This is the perfect place to post a picture of the venue, include special access information or provide parking details.

Unlimited Support

  • Money Back Guarantee

    We offer a 30-Day, 100% money-back guarantee. No questions asked. If you are not completely satisfied with your website within your first month of operations, we will refund your purchase.

    We have hosted thousands of websites in our 12 years history. We are a member in good standing of the Better Business Bureau.

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  • Unlimited Support

    Toll free, live customer support 7 days a week for the life of your website. Call 1-877-769-3836 or chat online with our customer service department.

    We also have an extensive Help Center and FAQ page located in your Control Panel to answer all of your website questions.

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  • Secure Hosting

    Your website is hosted in a secure and reliable environment. You will benefit from automated up-to-the-minute backups, multiple redundancies and backbone connections to the internet. is PCI and TRUSTe certified and uses SSL encrypted transmissions. Our system infrastructure is located in a state-of-the-art data center.

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